I’ve had a bit of a personal revelation. In the sense of understanding some of the perceptions of my behaviour and attitudes and I consider it interesting enough to share. I suspect some folks will disagree with the following, but I think my logic is correct (If not then I want to know why not and have alternative logic presented…)

The crux of it is, I believe that I come across as opinionated without me being opinionated.

Let me explain using examples of my behaviours. When I’m speaking with someone I seem to be very persuadable by logical arguments based upon all known facts at the time. When I speak with someone else about the same topic/problem then my opinion changes immediately in the presence of new information and data. So, this is the reason for me saying I am not actually opinionated.

When I am speaking with someone about a different problem or set of actions that are done, if I am not swayed by the logic then I am very stubborn, and I tend not to budge from my assertion of the correct way to do it. I should mention that I tend to rapidly and quickly qualify why I am asserting what I am asserting with data, evidence and scenarios.

Now, the definition of opinion (as spake by google) is:

“a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

For me this definition runs the risk of lumping the word opinion in the same camp as theory which gives many people the world over an excuse to eschew science in the name of fairy tales and bullshit. Therefore, I am making this quite distinct statement of why I come across as opinionated without being opinionated. My view of the world/problem/situation fluidly shifts in the face of evidence, data, experimentation and observation. An opinion doesn’t necessarily do this and therefore I don’t feel opinionated is the right word for the way I am.

Anyway, I found this to be a fascinating little thought that entered my head recently and so that’s why I’m sharing it.

Even more interestingly is this article that a quick google has just brought up which seems to go into a lot more depth about the distinction between opinion and fact: https://www.philosophersmag.com/essays/26-the-fact-opinion-distinction which I find does good justification for bothering to distinguish between opinion and fact in the first place.

Anyway, I’ll stop now.